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Guard Card Training Materials Licensing

Our Guard Card Training programs are available for license and use by properly licensed Board of Private Detectives and Guards (BPDG) security officer trainers.

Contact us for pricing and availability (our material is currently under review by the BPDG).

New Training Requirements Background

In 2010, the Legislature established new training requirements for guards in HRS chapter 463 (see, Act 208, SLH 2010).

Guards and individuals acting in a guard capacity must successfully complete the classroom instruction specified in HRS §463-10.5, pass a written test, and undergo four hours of on-the-job training supervised by an individual who has successfully completed all of the requirements of this section or who has otherwise been approved by the Board for on-the-job training. Guards and individuals acting in a guard capacity must successfully complete: (a) eight hours of classroom instruction before the first day of service, and (b) four hours of classroom instruction annually thereafter.

Our training program complies with all requirements as mandated by the State of Hawaii, Department of Consumer and Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, Board of Private Detectives and Guards (BPDG).

Hawaii Security Guard Card Employment Requirements

Pursuant to HRS section 463-10.5, effective July 1, 2013, all guards, and all agents, operatives, and assistants employed by a guard agency, private business entity, or government agency who act in a guard capacity shall apply to register with the Board, and meet the following registration, instruction, and training requirements prior to acting as a guard:

  1. Be not less than eighteen (18) years of age;
  2. Possess a high school education or its equivalent;
  3. Not be presently suffering from any psychiatric or psychological disorder which is directly related and detrimental to a person's performance in the profession;
  4. Not have been convicted in any jurisdiction of a crime which reflects unfavorably on the fitness of the individual to act as a guard, unless the conviction has been annulled or expunged by court order; provided that the individual shall submit to a national criminal history record check as authorized by federal law, including, but not limited to the Private Security Officer Employment Authorization Act of 2004, and specified in the rules of the Board.
  5. Successfully complete eight (8) hours of classroom instruction given by a Board approved instructor on a Board approved curricula before the first day of service; and
  6. Four (4) hours of classroom instruction annually thereafter.

Three (3) Steps to Earning Your Hawaii Guard Card

Step 1: Complete Mandatory Training

Complete the security guard training course.

Step 2: Fieldprint Inc. Fingerprints and Background Checks

All applicants are required to submit to a FBI fingerprint check through the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center ("HCJDC").

To obtain a FBI national Criminal History Record Check and the State of Hawaii Criminal History Record Check, applicants shall be fingerprinted electronically at Fieldprint Inc. locations nationwide or any other fingerprinting agency approved to send electronic fingerprints to the HCJDC.

Please visit Fieldprint Inc. at: to make an appointment, inquire about other available site locations on the continental United States, or call (877) 614-4361.

Upon successful completion of the 8-hours of coursework and exams, students are emailed the "Application - Guard Employee Registration". The form is sent as a PDF file attachments to the email address in the student's profile. Forms are emailed the business day following course completion. Be certain to check SPAM folders!

Forms are pre-filled with basic student and our training facility information. The student must complete the remaining appropriate sections.

Be certain to collect a copy of the completed Fieldprint form for your personal records!

Step 3: Mail forms and fees to the BPDG

Once the forms are completed, the final step is to mail all of the forms and fees to the State.

Package must include:

  • Completed and signed Guard Employee Registration form (PDG-30_01.13N)
  • Evidence of a high school education or its equivalent
  • Guard Application Fee of $106/$73 (check or money order)
  • Copy of certificate of completion of eight (8) hour mandatory instruction

Mail the package to:

DCCA, PVL Licensing Branch
P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801

The BPDG normally takes 4-6 to process new applications.

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