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Hawaii Guard Card Training

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BSIS AccreditedComing Soon!

Our site is under construction and our program material accreditation is coming soon!

Guard Card Training for Hawaii

Our training program complies with all classroom requirements as mandated by the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Board of Private Detectives & Guards (HRS §463-10.5.)

Our training program will soon be accredited by the Board of Private Detectives & Guards. Expected completion is December 2014.

Run your own security Guard Card Training school in Hawaii

We provide training materials for use by other organizations. Many companies have highly trained and experienced individuals but either lack the teaching experience or materials to be able to impart the knowledge. For situations like these, Security Training Center,® LLC. offers pre-packaged training materials. Our team is comprised exclusively of educational professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Adult Education and Training.

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a personal and physical protection training company. Our purpose is to educate individuals and organizations in early identification of potential problems, how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis and in protective measures for unavoidable confrontations. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts. Our instruction is worldwide with nearly one quarter of our students outside the United States.

Our training materials are available in multiple formats to meet most any need:

  • Instructor-led, classroom training
    Printed manuals, lecture notes, handouts and presentations
  • Podcasts
    Downloadable or streamable audio lectures, case studies and interviews
  • Books
  • YouTube videos


Hawaii Security Officer Training Materials

Complete 8-Hour Course

This is the complete 8-hour Guard Card course. All lessons are included in this package.

4-hour Continuing Education

This course meets the continuing education requirement of an additional 4-hours annually.